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Visegrad Summer School

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Thank you for your applications!

Thank you for all the applications we have received.

We are pleased that over the years, the Visegrad Summer School has attracted interest, and that already in July, the next generation of participants will join the community gathered around the project.

21st VSS - we are extending the time for...

Starting a new week, we have good news for you! Together with VSS Partners, we have decided to extend recruitment by 2 weeks - that is, until April 16, 2023!

21st Visegrad Summer School - recruitment...

A quick reminder that the recruitment for the 21th Visegrad Summer School comes to its end on April 2nd! Good news is that it leaves you a few days to apply!

21. VSS - special focus on human rights

“We are in what is being called an omni-crisis. Europe is experiencing a brutal war of aggression with all its consequences, in and beyond Ukraine. We live with the legacy of COVID and our responses to it. We may be in the end game of the climate crisis. Our societies are experiencing rampant disinformation.

Join us for the 21st VSS!

Visegrad Summer Schoolis a 10-day program that educates and integrates young people from V4, CEE and WB countries in terms of policy, new technologies and trends, cultural management, human rights and universal tolerance.