How to apply

20. Visegrad Summer School – call for application

 Where? - The Villa Decius Association, Krakow, Poland

 When? - 4-14 July 2022 (10 days)

How to apply? -

* The only technical requirement is, that you have gmail or active google drive account to fill in the form.

Recruitment starts on 1 st March, 2022!

The Visegrad Summer School is an educational program which provides an interdisciplinary learning platform for young Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Slovak students and professionals, as well for their peers from other Central, Eastern and Southern European countries.

The program of the VSS is aimed to widen perspectives and inspire through lectures and debates dedicated to global and regional political, economic, cultural and social issues. The program of the VSS also seeks to address the current developments and the most pressing issues within the EU and as well in its neighborhood. This year, in spite of difficulties caused by Covid-19 pandemic, VSS returns, focusing on two areas: Business and Innovation & Cultural Heritage, which seem distant but combined together give the opportunity to create an innovative and responsible approach to current landscape. The laboratories run by qualified experts, the purpose of which will be to exchange views, gain knowledge and consult the participants' own ideas, will contribute to the development of new optics, as well as the shaping of aspiring leaders of the V4 and the Central and Eastern Europe Region. The goal of our intensive laboratories led by top professionals in the field is to shape the attitudes and provide practical knowledge for our participants. 

The VSS also seeks to enhance long-term connections between its participants. Therefore, our program consist a series of special events and extracurricular activities that are designed especially for this goal. Such as, integration workshop, multicultural garden party, study visits, cultural events, and recreational programs.

In the 20th edition of VSS 30 people from V4, Eastern Partnership and Central Europe will take part, priority is given to start-up founders, initiators of competitive business and people settled in heritage sites, working with tangible and intangible heritage, as the main material of their professional activities. This year, for the first time, we will issue an invitation to participate in the project for young students, professionals and researchers from the Balkan countries. We strongly believe that the new openness and focus on changes in the Balkan countries will teach us to look at certain issues from a new perspective.

During 10 days of lectures, workshops, trainings and study visits participants will work (in groups and individually) on their short presentations to be held on the final day, during the special closure format "Visegrad Ted-ex Talks". The new, changed formula of the School will be carried out in compliance with all sanitary regulations and government ordinances.

Previous editions of the School were attended by over 750 people from: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Brazil, France, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Germany, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine , United Kingdom, Indonesia, Algeria, Egypt, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, Nigeria, India, Ghana, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Namibia, Albania and Italy.

20. edition is supported by the International Visegrad Fund, Malopolska Region and City of Krakow.



The format of the 19th edition of the VSS will be adapted on an ongoing basis in accordance with the applicable sanitary recommendations and government regulations. In the event of contraindications to the implementation of the Summer School in the full-time mode, the program will be implemented online. The Villa Decius Association together with the Partners will make every effort and take all precautions so that the project participants feel safe and comfortable.


AIM of the VSS

The Visegrad Summer School has been carried out by the Villa Decius Association annually since 2002. Our idea is to create an alternative platform besides university for advanced studies in the Visegrad region as well for other Central, East and South European countries. The program is an opportunity for the participants to discuss current social, security, economic, political and cultural issues. It is also an possibility to learn about each other and start an international cooperation between the people and the countries from the region.



The program of the 20. edition of the Visegrad Summer School includes lectures, debates and workshops on current political, cultural and social challenges in the regional, global and European perspective lead by outstanding experts from various fields of knowledge and public activities. Besides experts and intellectuals, we host Ambassadors, Ministers, representatives of the European Union, academics, politicians, businessmen, journalists, artists, representatives of national and local governments, as well as NGOs.

This year’s edition will contain intensive workshops in the fields of Business: Innovation and Cultural Heritage focused on Audience Develompent. The participants in smaller groups will work on advanced skills by developing projects that will be presented on the final day, during the special closure format - "Visegrad Ted-ex Talks".

Students are invited for study visit to Malopolska region and attend artistic events in Krakow. Multicultural session allows participants to search for common identity as well as insight the cultures of the Visegrad countries. Some of the debates, lectures and meetings are open to the public, additionally creating an occasion to integrate people.



At the end of the course, participants will be presented with a diploma of participation and recognition of learning, which will be signed by the President and the Director of the Villa Decius Association.


ELIGIBILTY to participate

Students, graduates, PhD researchers, young professionals and leaders from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine and other eligible countries.

Age:  min.18 

We are looking for active, open-minded and creative people. The working language of the School is English, so good communication skills in English are essential.


Eligible countries:

Countries Planned number of participants
The Czech Republic 4
Hungary 4
Poland 4
Slovakia 4
Ukraine 4

OTHER (Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus (2), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Georgia, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia)


*Ukrainian citizens are exempt from paying the participation fee.

Students from non-eligible countries can apply providing they will cover the participation fee of 350 euro as well as individual insurance and travel costs to/from/in Krakow.



The organizers provide:

  • educational programme and materials
  • special events: study visits, recreation offer
  • full accommodation and board

Participants cover:

  • travel costs to/from/in Krakow
  • insurance
  • PCR test before arrival (2 days)
  • registration fee of 130 Euro



Questions and remarks


Aleksandra Szymańska-Niekłań

Project manager