21. Visegrad Summer School - call for application!

Dear future participant of the VSS! 
  • Are you looking for new goals and challenges for yourself?
  • Do you want to meet new people who, just like you, are interested in self-development, the political situation in Central Europe (but not only),new technologies, business or cultural heritage?
  • Maybe, you just want to broaden your perspectives and start international career?
  • Do you know that some of the first participants of the Visegrad Summer School are today directors, managers and top professionals in their fields, and they are still cooperating with us today?


Although we may not know exactly what is your story yet, but we know that by applying for this project you will not regret it! 

Recruitment begins March 3 and ends April 2!

Apply here:

Results will be published not later than 1st week of May, 2023.


VSS About

Visegrad Summer School (VSS) is a project that has been shaping and educating generations of young citizens of Visegrad Group and neighboring countries for 20 years. Over the years, Visegrad Summer School has become not only a platform of deepening knowledge and improving intercultural competencies but also an important instrument for integration of young people from the region. The opportunity to discuss the most important topics among students, Ambassadors, Ministers, representatives of the European Union and prominent intellectuals, has allowed for more objective assessment of the situation and has given everybody a chance to know better opinions and motivation of partners. Up to now we could cooperate and host: Norman Davies, Manuel Loff, Andrea Petö, Michael Žantovský, Jean Pierre-Deru, Pavel Fischer.

The 21st edition of this unique and popular program in the Visegrad Group will enable another group of 30 young professionals and young leaders to meet European experts and intellectuals, broaden their knowledge, exchange ideas, experiences and opinions.

The program, as in previous editions, has been divided into two segments: Business and Innovation and Cultural Heritage, which seem distant but combined together give the opportunity to create an innovative and responsible approach to current social landscape. The laboratories run by experts (Aleksandra Przegalińska, Jonathan Goodacre) will be focused on exchanging views, gaining knowledge and consulting the participants' own ideas. We will contribute to the development of new optics, as well as the shaping of participants - aspiring leaders of the V4 and the neighboring countries.

In the 21st edition of VSS, priority is given to start-up foundersinitiators of competitive business and people settled in heritage sites and managing the cultural projects, working with tangible and intangible heritage, as the main material of their professional activities. VSS's goal is to bring them together to look for mutual stimuli and advantage for both sectors and to exchange their perspective.

During 10 days of lectures, workshops, trainings and study visits participants will work (in groups and individually) on their short presentations to be held on the final day, during the closure format "Visegrad Ted-ex Talks".


21. Visegrad Summer School

When: 3-12 July 2023 (10 days)

Where: Kraków (Poland), Villa Decius Palace and Park Center

Participation fee:150 Eur

Ask question: via private chat on FB page (@VisegradSummerSchool)


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Good luck with your application! smiley