21st VSS final presentations - brain drain

As defined by Cambridge Dictionary, the phenomenon of "brain drain" is defined as a situation in which large numbers of educated and highly skilled people leave their country to live and work in another countr

21st VSS final presentations - AI and unlimited internet access

Among this year's final presentations by 21st VSS participants, there was no shortage of topics that are already igniting public discussions and debates about the future, namely:

21st VSS final presentations - Our planet 20 years from now

As part of the final presentations of the 21st Visegrad Summer School, participants identified the problems and challenges of the future (in the perspective of

21st VSS final presentations - "The Four Horsemen of Future Human Rights Apocalypse"

This year, participants were given the task of defining the problems/challenges related to human rights in the future (in the perspective of the next 20 years).

21st VSS - study visits to Malopolska

For the past 20 years, Malopolska has been our reliable Partner, thanks to which we have been able to show our participants the beauty and uniqueness of our Region.