Experts - cultural policy and management

Milena Dragicević-Sesić

Milena Dragicević-Sesić

Rector of University of Arts, Belgrade, Professor at the Faculty of Drama. Chair of Art & Culture SubBoard, Open Society Institute (Soros fund), Budapest. Lecturer on the numerous courses: European Diploma in Cultural Project Management (Foundation Marcel Hicter, Bruxelles), ECUMEST, Dijon-Bucarest, Moscow School of Social and Economical Sciences, CEU Budapest, Lyon II, Jagellonian University in Krakow, etc.  External examiner for the Master Programme "Art & Media Management in a European Context". Trainer-expert, consultant in cultural policy and management for European Cultural Foundation, Council of Europe, UNESCO, Foundation Marcel Hicter, G 17 +, British Council etc. Realized more then 50 projects in cultural policy and management. Published 12 books and more then 100 essays. 

Bożena Gierat-Bieroń

Graduated in Polish studies and history of drama at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków in 1993. 1996-2001 Ph.D. candidate at the Centre for European Studies. 2002 – Ph.D. in humanities.  An expert of IDRIE (Institute of Regional and European Community) in Kraków. Worked on the advisory board in the Cultural Department of the Kraków City Council. Main co-ordinator at the Centre for European Training. Lecturer at the postgraduate European studies and the School for Cultural Management. Also worked in an expert group preparing the strategy of regional development for the Małopolska Province. General Assembly of ENCANT (2000). Published in periodicals and daily press.    

Danuta Glondys

She holds a PhD degree in the Humanities, MA in English Philology and in Political Studies. In the period 1993–1999, she was director of the Cultural Department of the Municipality of Krakow and following it, the Regional Director of the USAID programme in Poland. She is the European Commission expert in the European Capitals of Culture programme selecting and monitoring all ECOC since 2009. Director of the Villa Decius Association in 2001-2016, she is now the Plenipotentiary of the Board for International Affairs, responsible for its initiating and implementing programmes which advocate international cultural and intellectual cooperation and promotion of intercultural dialogue and human rights.Lecturer at the Jagiellonian University and the Humanistic Studies Department of the University of Technology in Krakow. Her research field covers relations between culture and politics and European integration. Author of numerous articles and publications. An avid traveler.

Dorota Ilczuk

Dorota Ilczuk

An Assistant Professor of Social Economics, at the Faculty of Management and Administration, Jagiellonian University, (Cracow). Wrote over fifty publications, studies and articles (mainly in Polish) which center upon civil society, culture, economy and non-profit sector. Most recent works include a research into civil society in Europe entitled Cultural citizenship: civil society and cultural policy in Europe.  Lead many research projects commissioned by the Ministry of Culture and Art.and the Polish Scientific Committee (KBN). Has been a Council of Europe expert and consultant for: The Program of Evaluation Cultural Policies in Europe (1995); The Latvian Report (1997); Privatization and Desetatisation: National cultural institutions in Transition (1998/1999); Mosaic project for Romania and Bulgaria (2001).