Experts - political science

Vera Stading

Political scientist. Assistant to the management, development and implementation of simulation games, events and research.  

Krzysztof Szczerski

From January to September 2007 Undersecretary of State in Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From September 2007 to January 2008 Undersecretary of State in the Office of the Committee for European Integration.

Graduate from the Jagiellonian University. Holder of doctoral degree in political sciences. Author of many publication on european integration and public administration.  Deputy Director at the Institute of Political Science and Political Relations at the Jagiellonian  University.


Péter Talás

Péter Talás

 Holds PhD in political sciences, Head of Center for Strategic and Defense Studies, Budapest. From 1993 commentator on international security in several Hungarian newspapers. 1993-1995 correspondent of Gazeta Wyborcza, 1993-1995 editor of “Beszélő” (Hungarian political weekly). 1994-2001 editor and reporter of Hungarian Television.


Rafał Trzaskowski

Rafał Trzaskowski

Secretary of State for European affairs in the MFA and Prime Minister’s Plenipotentiary for European Council meetings since 2014. Studied journalism and political sciences, English philology, and security in Poland, Great Britain (Oxford), France, USA and Australia. Holds a doctorate in political science and is a university lecturer on European affairs. Former member of the European Parliament (2009-2013) where he dealt with the implementation of EU Treaties, EU budget, the protection of privacy and the European Digital Agenda. In 2004 received a Ph.D. from the University of Warsaw’s Institute of International Relations in the Department of Journalism and Political Science. Former advisor to the Secretary of the Committee for European Integration, working for the head of the Office of the Committee for European Integration. Between 2004-2009 an advisor to the Chair of the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs and to the Delegation of the Civic Platform to the European Parliament. In the years 2013-2014 Minister of Administration and Digitalization in Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s Cabinet.

Taras Voznyak

Taras Voznyak

Ukrainian culture expert, political scientist, editor-in-chief and founder of Independent Cultural Journal "Ї".Studied at the Lviv Polytechnic National University. After Gorbachev’s thaw he became an activist of democratic movement and coorganised the first general strike in Ukraine (at Lviv Factory of Milling Machines). Associated with an informal group of intellectuals “Lvivska Shkola” (Lviv School). He translated a large number of texts and published within samizdat. He isthe editor-in-chief and publisherof theIndependent Cultural Journal "Ї", which has transformed into an influential NGO and a think tank covering issues of civil society, human rights, interethnic relations, cross-border cooperation, multiculturalism, European integration, regionalism, globalisation and anti-globalist movements, ecumenical dialogue, political changes in the region. Initiator and organiser of community campaigns on the promotion of cultural heritage of Halychyna. Co-initiator of an honorary distinction "Order for Intellectual Bravery". Author of more than 400 publications in Ukrainian and foreign media. Awarded with an honorary distinction "Knight of Halychyna" in the nomination "Public Figure" (2001), a distinction “20 Years of the First Democratic Convocation of Lviv Regional Council” (2010), a distinction by Lviv Mayor “Saint George Distinction of Honour” (2011).

Bjorn Warkalla

Graduated in Political Science from Freie Universität in Berlin. Research fellow at the political sciences department of Freie Universität Berlin.